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The Art of Creating the Perfect Logo

Your logo should not be just an attractive icon with your business name next to it.

Your logo is your signature and should tell the potential customer exactly what your company does in a matter of a few seconds.

It should be unique and easy to remember and recognize.

Your logo should be cost-effective to reproduce. The general consensus is that it should be no more than two colors. This isn’t as critical as before digital printing became widespread. Offset printing costs are based upon the number of colors used. So you can save significantly on large offset print runs of items such as business cards, letterheads and envelopes that are only 1-2 colors.

Your logo should be recognizable at any size. So save the detailed imagery for your brochure and sales sheets. New designers tend to make the mistake of adding too much detail by using gradients, drop shadows and photo-like images. These get lost or appear ‘muddy’ when the logo is reduced to the size necessary for a business card. A good practice is to design your logo in a business card template and present various logo ideas to your client on one letter size sheet. Your client will then see how the logo appears at a small size and will not be as tempted to ask you to add distracting details.

So you see a lot is expected of one little logo. It is therefore hard to predict how long it will take to develop that perfect image. A logo can be created in as little time as 15 minutes; other times it takes hours of trial and error selecting fonts, colors and drawing the perfect simple image that defines a company, their products and their services.